At MWH, our mission is to help our clients and team members succeed.  Our vision is to be the leader in our field, attracting and retaining top, quality clients and team members.  The personal assistance you receive from us comes from members of our team with years of advanced training, technical experience and financial acumen.  Periodically, we’d like to start introducing you to some of our excellent team members that play a vital role in the success of MWH.

Getting to know: Dana Taylor, CPA

Dana Taylor is one of our Tax Supervisory Managers and has been with MWH Group for 33 years.  She is a graduate of Midwestern State University and has lived in Wichita Falls for over 40 years.  Dana currently serves on the Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra board and attends First Baptist Church West Campus.  Here’s some fun facts about Dana:

Spouse/kids/pets – I have twin daughters, Amy and Shera; a grandson, Connor (the light of my life!); and a fur baby, Chloe.

Where you grew up – I grew up all over Texas (8 different towns).

What is your biggest pet peeve – Oblivious grocery store shoppers.

When you are not working, you can be found – With family or shopping (or shopping with family!).

Accomplishments you are most proud of – God gets most of the credit, but I am very proud of my children and Connor; I love being a Mom and a Mimi!

What is your best memory from childhood – Camping with my family in Colorado and New Mexico.

What are you afraid of – Spiders!

Favorite thing about your career – The people I get to work with — my co-workers and clients.

What is your favorite game or sport to watch or play – I can’t play, but I like to watch basketball.

Is your glass half full or half empty – Way over half full!




Getting to know: Vladimer (Lado) Janjgava, CPA 


Vladimer (Lado) Janjgava joined us in 2007.  He’s been a CPA for over 4 years.  Lado has an MBA and a BBA in Accounting  and Information Management from Midwestern State University.  Here’s some fun facts about Lado:

Spouse/kids/pets – I have been married to my wife Amy for 10 years. We have one son who is 6 years old named David and a little Chihuahua mix pup named Lola. My wife is a dyslexia therapist (CALT) for WFISD and my son is in the 1st grade. We love hiking, camping, cycling and we’re always up for an adventure.

Favorite food –  Pizza with pesto, ricotta, and mozzarella.

Where you grew up – I grew up in the small country of Georgia, located in Eastern Europe, with great scenic views, culture, and traditions.

What you wanted to be when you grew up – Astronaut.

When you are not working, you can be found – With my family, helping my son with his homework, playing board games, or family picnics.

Accomplishments you are most proud of – Coming to United States of America was one of the biggest personal accomplishments I ever made. I was among 20 selected Exchange students who had a privilege to come and study in the United States at the collegiate level. On a professional level, obtaining a CPA license was the best career accomplishment I ever made.

On your bucket list – Taking our son to my hometown and giving him the “grand tour” of family, sites, and share stories along the way of how I grew up.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done – Coming to United States at the age of 19. If being in a foreign land, far away from home and not knowing anyone wasn’t hard enough, the airport lost my luggage and I had nothing but the clothes on my back and the money in my pocket.

Favorite thing about your career – Making complex things appear simple. Finding “best fit” solutions for our clients’ specific needs or situations.